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Our Expertise


State Comptroller and Ombudsman's Report in The Times of Israel

In 2021, the State Comptroller published the most comprehensive assessment of climate change ever to be prepared in Israel and initiated a side event at the Glasgow Climate Summit (COP26) focusing on the involvement of national state auditor institutions in addressing the climate crisis. We worked with the State Comptroller’s office to capture media interest and generate exposure.

Jerusalem coverage in The Guardian

Years of experience taught us that in order to create a positive image in the world, we don’t necessarily need to address the matter directly but rather find the side stories that convey a different angle. In the case of Jerusalem, we stirred away from security and religion, choosing instead to focus on food, sports, and other positive elements – taking a proactive, rather than a defensive approach. It worked; following this publication, we received calls from municipal officials thrilled with the positive exposure, telling us that this was the best article ever written about the city.


 Tel Aviv

Working with the city of Tel Aviv, we helped build the Mayor’s international image, in part, by initiating informal briefing sessions with senior journalists. We pitched the idea to reporters, briefed the Mayor ahead of the meetings, and accompanied these introductory sessions. While they didn’t result in immediate publications, they helped establish a priceless long-term relationship.

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