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HLS & cyber exhibition and conference on Reforma, Mexico's daily newspaper

Summer 2016, when the world was fascinated by the Euro Cup games, we saw an opportunity to create international buzz around an upcoming conference and exhibition showcasing local homeland security industry. And what can be better than demonstrating homeland security technology in a football stadium?

We created a media event at an impressive football stadium, in collaboration with technology companies and in order to demonstrate their relevance to sporting events. A smart pitch to the media, resulting in hundreds of articles around the world.

Journalists deligation - Agritech exhibition and conference in EFE news agency

Journalist delegations – an excellent means of gaining international exposure – are one of our fields of expertise. We produce and initiate delegations, especially around conferences and exhibitions:

  • Engage the relevant journalists;

  • Create an effective and appropriately timed; program of visits and meetings;

  • Accompany delegation members throughout their visit;

  • We also assist in securing the needed funding.

For example, in our work with the Agritech Exhibition and Conference, we planned and organized a journalist delegation, both several months ahead of the events – to create an international buzz and increase attendance – and during the events themselves, to generate global coverage. The delegations’ success was reflected by multiple publications in the international press.

Journalists deligation

Press Conference

We have the experience in organizing press conferences that meet the highest standards: inviting the right journalists and engaging all relevant stakeholders, managing the event from start to finish, including handling questions and queries from the press.

OP ED the Israeli Congress

Another tool in the international public relations toolbox is the op-ed. Despite its long history, it is still very popular in newspapers around the world. Op-eds are an effective tool to master the narrative on the selected topic and deliver the message, attract the public’s attention, and place an issue on the media’s agenda. They are particularly useful for organizations seeking social impact.

We work with our clients throughout the process by initiating op-ed pieces, working with leading and knowledgeable experts in the client’s field, focusing the piece on a hot topic that garners public attention, writing the piece in collaboration with the expert, engaging the relevant newspaper editors, and getting the op-ed published on the most relevant platforms.

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