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Die Welt (German Newspaper)
Features Cnoga Medical

New fingerprick-free glucose meter takes the “Ouch!” out of diabetes care. Cnoga Medical is a digital healthcare company that develops non-invasive medical monitoring devices, which enable diabetics to conduct simple, needle-free blood tests in the comfort of their own home, combined with a full digital healthcare platform.  facilitating international media exposure. Sometime, timing is the key to success. We pitched the story on the World Diabetes Day.

AgriTech Startup Tal-Ya on the Italian TV Network RAI

Tal-Ya  Agriculture Solutions developed an innovative irrigation system that makes optimal use of rainwater and dew. Following a report we initiated and coordinated, the RAI Italian TV network featured the technology in a story about water technologies. These few seconds of exposure brought Tal-Ya leads from the world over, showing, once again, the interconnectedness of our global village.


EyeControl on La Stampa

On the second day of the MEDinIsrael exhibition, our clients at the medical startup EyeControl came to the press room to ask, “How did you do it? Our inbox is overflowing with inquiries!” What we did was work with the influential Italian newspaper La Stampa, which ran a report about the promising technology – with immediate impact that generated immediate interest.


Companies in their seed phase need the international media consultant: deal with a large client in order to receive credit in the press releases of their client, draft messages, make contacts with relevant journalists and much more. That's what we're  here for. The promising startup CAPSOUL Diamond that has recently connected with a large client is one example. Good Luck!


One Zero Digital Bank

Sometime, all it takes is a short and focused engagement to get results! One-Zero Digital Bank is an example of how a condensed period of preparation for interviews with the media and crystallizing the public message can lead to excellent results.

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